Eugene Sheffer August 1st 2017 Crossword Clues

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Eugene Sheffer August 1st 2017

Clue Solution
Ticket half STUB
Comedian Margaret CHO
Applaud CLAP
Mystery writer Paretsky SARA
Seminary subj. REL
Unctuous OILY
— Islands WINDWARD
Two of a kind PAIR
Joke GAG
Eccentric WEIRDO
Destined FATED
Foreshadow BODE
Tragic king LEAR
Clothing collection WARDROBE
Joan of — ARC
Inventor Nikola TESLA
Present location? BOX
Investigative journalist Bob WOODWARD
Trace of smoke WISP
— avis RARA
1980 Dom DeLuise film FATSO
Actress Tomei MARISA
Chum PAL
Starting ASOF
Naval officers’ quarters WARDROOM
RBI, for one STAT
"Exodus" hero ARI
Pakistani language URDU
Skye caps TAMS
Candied veggie YAM
Appear SEEM
Away from NNE SSW
— chi TAI
Coffee vessel URN
Rocky outcrop CRAG
That girl HER
Traditional, as values OLDWORLD
Office machine COPIER
Tale teller LIAR
"Put — on it!" ALID
Arsonist PYRO
Bankroll WAD
Icelandic saga EDDA
Imperfection FLAW
Plane-related AERO
Mexican entree TACO
Iraqi port city BASRA
Final notice OBIT
Employer BOSS
Big fair, for short EXPO
"— the night before …" TWAS
Snow formations DRIFTS
Tusked mammal WALRUS
Passing craze FAD
Sail support MAST
"The Thin Man" dog ASTA
Meander ROAM
Prudish PRIM
Altar constellation ARA
Raw rock ORE
Poem of praise ODE
Silent MUM

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