Eugene Sheffer December 18th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Eugene Sheffer December 18th 2017

Clue Solution
Salary PAY
Key of Beethoven’s "Emperor Concerto" EFLAT
Short ‘do BOB
Single ONE
Icky stuff SLIME
Mil. address APO
Wreath decorations PINECONES
Old Oldsmobile REO
Curator’s concern ART
Xmas visitor STNICK
Houston team ASTROS
Membership SEAT
Pickle holder JAR
Pallid WAN
Run off to marry ELOPE
Yankee nickname AROD
Soccer’s Hamm MIA
Scrambled wd. ANAG
Priestly garment ALB
Zsa Zsa’s sister EVA
Suitor BEAU
Not open CLOSED
Quantity AMOUNT
Solo of "Star Wars" HAN
Soup container CAN
Eastern and Pacific, e.g. TIMEZONES
Coloration HUE
Christmas carol opener OCOME
Choose OPT
QB’s stats YDS
Nymph pursuer SATYR
Carefree GAY
Soda POP
Blackbird ANI
Hankering YEN
Real estate account ESCROW
Wreckage at sea FLOTSAM
Architect Maya LIN
Make — of (bungle) AMESS
Exam taker TESTEE
Male singers BARITONES
Oil cartel OPEC
Library loan BOOK
Corn spike EAR
"The Lion King" lioness NALA
In — (stuck) AJAM
Rani’s wrap SARI
Brass instruments TROMBONES
Actress Vardalos NIA
Macadamize PAVE
"Zounds!" EGAD
God, in Grenoble DIEU
Medieval pseudoscience ALCHEMY
Dantean divisions CANTOS
Sports jacket BLAZER
City near Syracuse UTICA
Lennon’s lady ONO
Needing liniment ACHY
Tennyson poem MAUD
Witticism MOT
Eggy quaff NOG
Clean air org. EPA
Pigs’ digs STY

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