Eugene Sheffer December 21st 2017 Crossword Clues

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Eugene Sheffer December 21st 2017

Clue Solution
China flaw CHIP
Dapper fellow DAN
Jazz great Getz STAN
Eggs OVA
Japanese soup MISO
"— the ramparts …" OER
Fascinated by INTO
Jimmying tool PRYBAR
Kit of the Wild West CARSON
Egos’ counterparts IDS
’60s war zone NAM
"The Thin Man" dog ASTA
On pins and needles TINGLING
LXVII tripled CCI
Author Umberto ECO
— -la-la TRA
Antique photos TINTYPES
Bloke CHAP
Sportage maker KIA
Ecol. watchdog EPA
Furtive SNEAKY
Dim the lights DARKEN
Frau’s mate HERR
Japanese sash OBI
Carousel, for one RIDE
Location AREA
Early automaker OLDS
Pantheon members GODS
Consumed ATE
Santa’s sackful TOYS
Provide for free, informally COMP
Tresses HAIR
Teeny ITSY
Threshold DOORSTEP
St. crosser AVE
DEA agent NARC
Staircase shape SPIRAL
Metal worker TINSMITH
Saxophone range ALTO
Night light? NEON
Commercial AD
Director Lee ANG
Revue segment ACT
High school subj. SCI
Monkeyed (with) TINKERED
Water cooler? ICE
Sudden plunge NOSEDIVE
Gun lobby org. NRA
Opening GAP
Prom queen toppers TIARAS
Tibetan bovine YAK
Snowman’s nose CARROT
Dad PA
Carpet type SHAG
Roman emperor NERO
Meditative practice YOGA
Metric weight KILO
Vortex EDDY
Legendary loch NESS
Automaton, for short BOT

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