Eugene Sheffer December 22nd 2017 Crossword Clues

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Eugene Sheffer December 22nd 2017

Clue Solution
[Yawn] HOHUM
Praise in verse ODE
Jungfrau, for one ALP
Where the action is ARENA
"See ya!" BYE
"Cock-a-doodle- —!" DOO
Like stale bread MOLDY
"Holy cow!" JEEPERS
Merged, as resources POOLED
Downwind ALEE
"Evita" narrator CHE
Fun and games REC
Pollster’s find TREND
String CORD
Arcade pioneer ATARI
Cap features VISORS
Sounded hoarse RASPED
Coffee bar offering LATTE
Mata — HARI
Staggers REELS
WWII servicewoman WAC
Atlas page MAP
— account (never) ONNO
Little accident MISHAP
Evening prayers VESPERS
"Rumor has it …" IHEAR
Outback bird EMU
Deep hole PIT
T-shirt size LARGE
Reuben bread RYE
Ninny ASS
English county ESSEX
Deli meat HAM
Spanish gold ORO
Santa’s aides HELPERS
Nullify UNDO
City boss MAYOR
Turned blue? DYED
Shoe width EEE
"Rumour Has It" singer ADELE
Actress Sophia LOREN
Sat for a photo POSED
Diocese part PARISH
Minimal LEAST
Roman 205 CCV
— polloi HOI
La-la lead-in TRA
Sour cream serving DOLLOP
Locales AREAS
Univ. dorm supervisors RAS
Mollycoddles PAMPERS
Epoch ERA
Quick swim DIP
Contorts TWISTS
Mars explorer ROVER
Adversary ENEMY
Follow ENSUE
Peru neighbor CHILE
Hosp. scans MRIS
Cries of discovery AHAS
Ecol. watchdog EPA
Get older AGE
Actor Harrison REX

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