Metro December 22nd 2017 Crossword Clues

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Metro December 22nd 2017

Clue Solution
Work out in fitness club EXERCISE
Marriage partner SPOUSE
Daughter’s child GRANDSON
In attendance (2,4) ONHAND
Studio, … Century-Fox TWENTIETH
Once more AGAIN
Pizza with the lot, super … SUPREME
Wounded with dagger STABBED
13-19 year-old TEEN
Electronic message sent via Internet EMAIL
Confusingly loud CLAMOROUS
Antiseptic solution IODINE
Joked with, … around KIDDED
Fire-resistant material ASBESTOS
Fills with joy ELATES
Military student CADET
Stockpile (5,2) STOREUP
Large spiky tropical fruit PINEAPPLE
Caught by surprise, taken … UNAWARES
Place in jeopardy ENDANGER
Neither … nor that THIS
Lopsidedness or lack of equilibrium IMBALANCE
* symbol ASTERISK
Nursery rhyme, Hickory Dickory … DOCK
Educates TEACHES
Mountain cabin (3,3) LOGHUT
Stage whispers ASIDES
Give speech ORATE

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