Metro December 23rd 2017 Crossword Clues

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Metro December 23rd 2017

Clue Solution
Pureeing PULPING
Radio static CRACKLE
Stoat-like animals WEASELS
Diva, prima … DONNA
Unsuitable INAPT
Thinks logically REASONS
Walked (in water) WADED
Sample (food) TASTE
Blister-like pouches CYSTS
Large coffee cup MUG
Lament RUE
Fashion direction TREND
Crockery item PLATE
Toots (horn) BEEPS
Rocket, guided … MISSILE
Prod with elbow NUDGE
Ballroom dance RUMBA
Temporary relief RESPITE
Lumps of gold NUGGETS
Kerb-side channels GUTTERS
Insult (3-4) PUTDOWN
Lent to LOANED
Towards the middle INWARD
Grain store GRANARY
Type of cigar CHEROOT
Covered-in canoes used at sea by the Inuit KAYAKS
Removes contents of (bin) EMPTIES
Number in an octet EIGHT
Assent AGREE
Minor wound CUT
He, … or it SHE
Unhappy SAD
Point of view OPINION
Struggles against RESISTS
Hammering (in) NAILING
Totting (up) ADDING
Come out EMERGE
Totally deprived (of) BEREFT
White fur ERMINE

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