Metro December 24th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Metro December 24th 2017

Clue Solution
Event site VENUE
Fame or celebrity status STARDOM
Subtleties of meaning NUANCES
Yes vote YEA
Perfume sampler TESTER
Addict USER
Milk sugar LACTOSE
Version (of book) EDITION
Furthest underwater DEEPEST
Repairs (puncture) PATCHES
Young foxes CUBS
Musical composition SONATA
Lingerie item BRA
Continually (2,3,2) ONANDON
Adjust with spanner TIGHTEN
Carbonated drinks SODAS
In an eager and animated manner EXCITEDLY
Effeminate person SISSY
Snow slippage AVALANCHE
Tried out (for role) AUDITIONED
In a group (2,5) ENMASSE
Heartfelt SINCERE
Calf meat VEAL
Canoodles NECKS
Preserves as sacred ENSHRINES
Grief-stricken or frantic with worry DISTRAUGHT
Utterly defeat TROUNCE
Synthetic material PLASTIC
Goatee BEARD
Pester ANNOY
Chances ODDS

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