Mirror Classic September 9th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Mirror Classic September 9th 2017

Clue Solution
Organism PLANT
Escape from ELUDE
Piece of cloth RAG
Man’s name ROGER
Be cagey EVADE
Colour RED
Feline CAT
Mimic APE
Utilise USE
Landed property ESTATE
Average SOSO
Unit of heredity GENE
Camera stand TRIPOD
Soft roll BAP
Playing card ACE
Frozen water ICE
Vase URN
Thespian ACTOR
Grain OAT
Pancake CREPE
Arranges SORTS
Summary PRECIS
Molten rock LAVA
Banded minerals AGATES
Deal with TREAT
Wading bird EGRET
Shelter LEE
Asian language URDU
Sea eagle ERNE
Sudden alarm PANIC
Star SUN
Drunkard SOT
Self-image EGO
Egg cells OVA
Newspaper boss EDITOR
Strains EXERTS
Chimes PEALS
Group of countries BLOC
Chaste PURE
Outer garment COAT
Agent REP

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