Mirror Cryptic August 17th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Mirror Cryptic August 17th 2017

Clue Solution
Do away with time and play at dice ERADICATE
Girl wraps one in torn material ALICE
Expression of small distance SMILE
Won over for the present NOW
Rubbish in statistics TAT
Look for a join, say SEEM
Church gets genuine breakfast CEREAL
Spare recipe for fruit PEARS
Peer oddly at book and feel sorry REPENT
Not all of lethal force HALF
Consumed less than nine, say ATE
Filling as actor HAM
Course right for ship LINER
Texan landmark has article by the French doctor ALAMO
Pretend to be grownups in building PLAYHOUSE
Swimming in her river RHINE
Sketched prince without article DREW
Traces out some sugar CASTER
The first ceremony is dull TRITE
Cases play part in dish CASSEROLE
Stomach failure from the diving board BELLYFLOP
Arrive with dog, say, to take part COMPETE
Swamp has a large supervisor MARSHAL
Whip for poor act CAT
Turning green with unknown vitality ENERGY
Criticise the Spanish judges PANEL
Collect a great deal AMASS
Harold has old ring HALO

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