Mirror Cryptic August 1st 2017 Crossword Clues

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Mirror Cryptic August 1st 2017

Clue Solution
Noise is strange result (6) RUSTLE
Mix in prison (4) MAGNET
Promise a victory to old wife (4) PANE
Somehow get man decoration for fridge (6) THE
Soldiers find acceptable range of food (4) RAP
Need to transform garden (4) HERE
Window can be a nuisance, say (4) GALE
Definitely an article (3) EASE
Knock a style of music (3) RECENT
Present during the recording (4) ROMAN
Request for quiet field (4) SOME
Break a leg in storm (4) DEAR
Information I give a novice is friendly (6) ACHE
Pleased with relaxation (4) APPLES
Ask hoarsely for tool (4) ROGER
Modern centre design (6) EAGER
Old Italian destroyed manor (5) RUSTLE
Wise man wasted ages (4) STIR
Consumed by school, we hear (5) AVOW
Total, say, or just part (4) MAGNET
Time left, having unknown score (6) MENU
Excite ours somehow with energy (5) EDEN
It’s expensive, darling (4) PLEA
Bachelor’s pain (4) GENIAL
A couple of pages on the French fruit (6) RASP
OK bloke (5) RECENT
Keen to agree to change (5) SAGE
Leave Adriatic resort (5) EATEN
Pale sort of spring (4) TWENTY
Item moving in the fourth dimension (4) ROUSE

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