Mirror Cryptic November 19th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Mirror Cryptic November 19th 2017

Clue Solution
Division of British farm BRANCH
School equal to fight SPAR
Shape of cricket in London? OVAL
Box on right shows sign of damage CRATER
Walk to portal, say GAIT
Continuing like this before long SOON
You and I find journalist a drip WEED
Wander out of terror ERR
Singing with spirit GIN
Got up, sore and confused ROSE
Colour of most interest TINT
Ruler in the mirror EMIR
Occupation of space in true style TENURE
Groped around for fastening ROPE
Afterwards from both ends THEN
Modern centre design RECENT
Graduate gets prisoner some breakfast BACON
A method of being on holiday AWAY
Husky, say, or another animal HORSE
Reportedly start race for ingredient SAGO
Surface temperature on Mars, for example PLANET
Reversible blade? ROTOR
Unusual to get second chances ODDS
Merit of learning EARN
Complete directions with flag ENTIRE
Wonderful fireplace, we hear GREAT
Creature less cold in East End OTTER
Teach poor swindle CHEAT
Press club IRON
Positive ruse failed SURE

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