Mirror Cryptic September 14th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Mirror Cryptic September 14th 2017

Clue Solution
Playground etiquette for calculator? SLIDERULE
Clean off spear LANCE
Rogue is small and effeminate SCAMP
Leave time that’s procured GOT
Cat to get married TOM
Regarded as part of the play, say SEEN
Dean confused about Virginia being a state NEVADA
European food SWEDE
Have recourse to tidy again? RESORT
Turn to snack ROLL
Talented with drink ALE
Hat found in safe zone FEZ
Loud note played outside many times OFTEN
Decorate new road layout first ADORN
Presenters who fix moorings? ANCHORMEN
The French get gun out in sudden move LUNGE
Small group owing to time DUET
Relaxed in boiling desert RESTED
Animal all over mother LLAMA
Excellent moor offered up as space to learn CLASSROOM
A quiet friend finds fish horrific APPALLING
Desk for last lone criminal CONSOLE
Insured lid and keys COVERED
Catch in one trap NET
Servant girl has right implement WRENCH
Unfortunate stain on cloth SATIN
Gas round region OZONE
Reasonable entertainment FAIR

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