Mirror Quick July 30th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Mirror Quick July 30th 2017

Clue Solution
Office employee in the lobby (12) PAPER
Spray can (7) IDOL
Of greater age (5) LOCUM
Portent (4) TITANIC
Hat type (6) SCARPERS
Stationery item (5) GIRLS
Ludicrous (6) SNOOKER
Object of worship (4) USED
Stand-in for a doctor (5) WAD
Gigantic, colossal (7) ORDINARY
Unable to think of anything to say (4,3,5) PROMOTE
Muscular contraction (5) AEROSOL
Lasses (5) OLDER
Table game (7) OMEN
Second-hand (4) FEDORA
Rational (10) PAPER
Hairstyle (10) ABSURD
Roll of banknotes (3) LOSTFORWORDS
Tasselled cap (3) SCARPERS
Common (8) SPASM
Raise to a higher rank (7) GIRLS
Backless seat (5) REASONABLE
Stores away (5) DREADLOCKS
Coagulate (4) FEZ

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