Mirror Quiz July 2nd 2017 Crossword Clues

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Mirror Quiz July 2nd 2017

Clue Solution
1957 stage play by Samuel Beckett ENDGAME
Port in SW Sweden on the Sound opposite Copenhagen MALMO
In billiards, the white ball distinguished from the plain ball by a mark SPOT
Type of fastening invented by Georges de Mestral in 1948 VELCRO
Donald —, First Minister of Scotland from 1999-2000 DEWAR
City on the Mediterranean under Egyptian administration from 1949 until its occupation by Israel in 1967 GAZA
The —, 1971 novel by E L Doctorow inspired by the 1951 Rosenberg Trial BOOKOFDANIEL
2016 action-comedy film starring Ryan Reynolds in the title role DEADPOOL
Nick —, actor who played Aramis in 2001 action film The Musketeer MORAN
1980 stage play by Steven Berkoff GREEK
The —, 1968 film drama starring Burt Lancaster and Janet Landgard SWIMMER
Russian river that flows to the Caspian Sea at Guryev URAL
— Coast, area of SE India extending from False Divi Point to Kanyakumari COROMANDEL
Hard black variety of lignite JET
Department of SE France; capital Toulon VAR
Host city in France of the 1924 Winter Olympics CHAMONIX
Large loose-fitting brightly-coloured upper garment originally from West Africa DASHIKI
Kathy —, actress who played Nora Batty in BBC TV sitcom Last of the Summer Wine STAFF
Person who refrains from using any animal product for food or clothing VEGAN

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