New York Times July 2nd 2017 Crossword Clues

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New York Times July 2nd 2017

Clue Solution
One side of a vote NAYS
Link studied at BLOO
Coterie CLUB
Part of an old-fashioned swing TIRE
Zigs or zags VEERS
Napoleon’s partner on "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." ILLYA
"Wonder Woman" star ___ Gadot GAL
Shade of black ONYX
Onetime J.F.K. sight SST
1968 movie based on "Flowers for Algernon" CHARL
Indy 500 winner Bobby RAHAL
"___ roll!" IMONA
Penny, mostly ZINC
Zenith ACME
"The Gold-Bug" author POE
Certain tribute ROAST
Most watchful ALE
Living thing ORGANIS
"___ & the Women" (2000 Altman film) DRT
"Hey Jude" song that mentions every day of the week but Saturday LADYMADONNA
"Yikes!" ACK
Solvers’ shouts AHAS
What T.S.A. Precheck helps people avoid LINE
"A Hard Day’s Night" song that Lennon called McCartney’s "first ‘Yesterday’" ANDILOVEHER
Strongly worded attack BROADSID
Panther or puma BIGCAT
"With the Beatles" song playing in the E.R. when Lennon died ALLMYLOVING
Tiki bar cocktail MAITAI
Houdini feat ESCAPE
George of "Star Trek" TAKE
Bunches ALOT
Try out TEST
"Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band" song whose title is followed by "where the rain gets in" FIXINGAHOLE
Twin Cities suburb EDIN
Sacrosanct HOLY
Pommes frites seasoning SEL
Slowly fade away EVANESCE
Like names on trophies, often ETCHED
"I can’t he-e-ear you!" LALALA
Extra-special DELUXE
End of a shift HEM
Disc jockey Freed ALAN
Hair-razing name? NAIR
Bigger than big EPIC
Beans, e.g. CROP
___ teeth HENS
The highest form of flattery? PLATEAU
Tommy Hilfiger alternative IZOD
Old movie theater lead-ins NEWS
Kitchen shortening TSP
"___ a wrap" THATS
Latin 101 word AMO
Theater sections LOGES
Lose it FREAK
___ dish PETRI
Pastoral poem IDYLL
Came (from) AROSE
Pacific ___ RIM
Bob or weave STYLE
Lacquer, e.g. COAT
Contents of some envelopes: Abbr. LTRS
Officially go (for) LIST
Black as night INKY
Circulatory block CLOT
Slangy greeting HIYA
"___ first you don’t succeed …" IFAT
Congers and morays EELS
Melted mess GOO
Olive ___ OYL
Cape Horn, for one TIP
Major tenant of Rockefeller Center NBCTV
"Young Frankenstein" role IGOR
Theater drop SCRIM
Nuke ZAP
CBS’s "Kate & ___" ALLIE
Turner of "Peyton Place" LANA
Bad thing to bring one’s family SHAME
Wealthy: Sp. RICO
"With the Beatles" song written by Smokey Robinson YOUREALLYGOTAHOLDONME
In all seriousness SOBERLY
Gen ___ XER
Emulated the tortoise and hare RANARACE
One of seven in the Book of Revelation SEAL
Ladies’ men, in older usage GALLANTS
Gulf state: Abbr. ALA
Monastery head’s jurisdiction ABBAC
Domesticate TAME
Intimate HINTAT
Zombie or flaming volcano DRINK
"Yuck!" FEH
Part of U.N.L.V. LAS
"Let’s go!," in Baja ANDALE
Meditation leader YOGI
Altar exchange IDOS
Bus. need that most lemonade stands don’t have LIC
Some Japanese watches SEIKOS
Big ___ (some sandwiches) MACS
Edgar in "King Lear," e.g. EXILE
It might help you get to Carnegie Hall, for short MTA
Riga resident LETT
Garden party? ADA
Record shop stock VINYL
Talk, talk, talk YAP
"The Time Machine" race ELO
Something you might lose a little sleep over?: Abbr. DST
Delany or Carvey DAN
Whopper LIE
Last Hebrew letter TAV
Capital bombed in 1972 HANOI
Grade school subj. ENG
Audio problem ECHO
Harrison’s successor CLE
African antelope ELAND
Message from the Red Cross, maybe PLEA
Cinematic composer Andr� PREVIN
Triumphant cry HAH
Its state quarter has a lighthouse MAIN
Luxuriant LUSH
Charge, in a way IONIZE
Spanish letter between ka and eme ELE
Piece org.? NRA
Silverwork city in southern Mexico TAXCO
"Strangers and Brothers" novelist CPSNOW
Move quickly DART
1943 penny material STEEL
Merchandise: Abbr. GDS
Structure used in extreme sports HALFPIPE
"Antennae" EARS
Raised a ruckus CLAMORED
1977 Warhol subject ALI
Filmmaker Guy RITCHIE
"Revolver" song that Paul McCartney described as "an ode to pot" GOTTOGETYOUINTOMYLIFE
They go in locks OARS
Ancient EARLY
Footwear for a run SKIS
Like a good scout LOYAL
Fifth qtrs. OTS
R�sum� listing SKILL
It used to be made of lead TYPE
Les ___-Unis ETATS

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