New York Times September 12th 2017 Crossword Clues

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New York Times September 12th 2017

Clue Solution
Many a meth production site HOMELAB
"That was … amazing!" IMINAWE
Cheap way to get media attention PRSTUNT
Convene, as a legislature SIT
Two big nights in December EVES
Loch ___ NESS
H.M.O. V.I.P.s DRS
Wordsworth work ODE
Most sensible WISEST
You might run to get in it SHAPE
Branding tool HOTIRON
Insect feeler ANTENNA
Telemarketer’s accessory HEADSET
Deteriorate with inactivity RUST
Squirrel away STORE
Pacers’ engagements? DUELS
Picnic items COOLERS
World’s most populous democracy INDIA
Beach bottle letters SPF
Adjust the price on RETAG
It’s no liability ASSET
Paintballer’s cry IMHIT
Org. concerned with meltdowns NRC
Criticized brutally SAVAGED
Galena or cerussite LEADORE
Devices with Siri IPHONES
Relative of a snowboard MONOSKI
Summons a genie, perhaps RUBS
Word repeated before "everywhere" WATER
Yoda, e.g. JEDI
Son of Zeus ARES
Kind of wind that blows no good ILL
Actor Kilmer of "Tombstone" VAL
"___ be my pleasure" ITD
"___ Don’t Lie" (2006 Shakira hit) HIPS
Ruler deposed in 1979 SHAH
Father of Ahab in the Bible OMRI
Composer whose name is Italian for "green" VERDI
Sharpen, as a skill HONE
1,001 causes of anxiety? MISTRESSES
"___ baby!" ATTA
Doc who might perform laryngologic surgery ENT
___ Enterprise USS
Spotted ESPIED
Gives kudos to LAUDS
101 rear ends? CISTERNS
"Darn it!" AWNUTS
"___ the next" ONTO
Inseparable ONE
___ noire (pet peeve) BETE
Charged toward RANAT
51 cats? LIFELINES
Twitch SPASM
Makeup smearer TEAR
Like a long shot’s chances SLIM
Singer Garfunkel ART
Frost HOAR
Strangely repulsive sort CREEPO
Six members of a "Dallas" family? VIEWINGS
Provo resident UTAHN
Poke JAB
___-wop DOO
Ibsen’s "Peer ___" GYNT
501 renditions? DIVERSIONS
Suffix with kitchen ETTE
Clearing in the woods GLADE
Hike along the Appalachian Trail, e.g. TREK
Way in or way out DOOR
Designer Perry ELLIS
He loved Lucy DESI

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