New York Times September 14th 2017 Crossword Clues

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New York Times September 14th 2017

Clue Solution
It’s the law ACT
Something to tie up LOOSEEND
Become in life AMOUNTTO
German cry ACH
Put in one’s two cents, with "in" CHIMED
Does sumthing wrong? MISADDS
University near Greensboro ELON
Did a dry run REHEARSED
Jesse who pitched in a record 1,252 major-league games OROSCO
Demographic statistic BIRTHS
Faculties SENSES
Cause for a suspension, in brief DWI
Giants’ grp. NFC
Early TV network competing with NBC, ABC and CBS DUMONT
Most movie explosions these days, for short CGI
Some Jamaicans, informally RASTAS
Job listing abbr. EEO
Burrowing South American rodent NUTRIA
Found, as grub RUSTLEDUP
Most retiring SHYEST
___-mentioned OFT
Rising notes? REVEILLE
Dieter’s goal SLIMNESS
Gangsters’ wear, in old movies FEDORAS
Place for a shepherd LEA
Centaur who was killed by Hercules NESSUS
Black belt, e.g. EXPERT
"You betcha!" SUREDO
Quintet instrument VIOLIN
Weak punch? TAP
Dickens’s Fagin, e.g. THIEF
Paris’s Pont ___ Arts DES
"Toodles!" TATA
Above capacity, for short SRO
Harden SET
Interjection derived from the Latin for "weary" ALAS
Rips off ROBS
Food ___ (post-Thanksgiving meal condition) COMA
Innocent sort CHILD
Sal’s canal, in song ERIE
With 18-Across, what a boastful guy might do TOOT
See 17-Across HISOWNHORN
Wouldn’t settle, say SUED
Condemned CENSURED
Save for later CACHE
What comes before a clue? GET
___ NFL (video game franchise) MADDEN
Antarctica’s ___ Ice Shelf ROSS
They’re often made at icebreakers INTROS
Dr. of verse SEUSS
With 37-Across, start of an ethical rule DOUNTO
See 35-Across OTHERS
Prop for Gandalf STAFF
"Grease" high school RYDELL
Twitter site NEST
Singer Nicks STEVIE
Fight VIE
Rejoice EXULT
Formal term for the gap suggested by 17/18-, 35/37- and 54/57-Across DIASTEMA
With 57-Across, overextended SPREADTOO
See 54-Across THIN
Tiny treasures from the sea SEEDPEARLS
Dots in la mer ILES
Language of the Lahore Post URDU
Way up STAIR
In addition ELSE
Come ___ surprise ASNO
Celebration FEST

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