News Day December 22nd 2017 Crossword Clues

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News Day December 22nd 2017

Clue Solution
Home to much Spanish art PRADO
Screens before LCDs CRTS
Cry of concern OHMY
Shadow remover RAZOR
Nonclerical LAIC
Emotional tone MOOD
Colgate competitor ORALB
Tolstoy heroine ANNA
Certain sisterhood members NUNS
”Lord of the Flies” author WILLIAMGOLDING
Corroded ATE
Old-film cable channel TCM
Old-school cheer RAH
Lacking in excitement DRY
Clancy hero RYAN
Roman orator CICERO
Unenviable mark DEE
Later on AFTER
Means to ends TOOLS
”Dock of the Bay” singer OTISREDDING
Brainy bloc MENSA
Cool-headedness POISE
Every bit ALL
Hoop group NBAERS
Major arcade producer SEGA
Center of feelings EGO
String chaser CAT
Dance club VIPs MCS
Slip into DON
”Pied Piper” poet ROBERTBROWNING
Diminutive dog PEKE
”Mother of Presidents” OHIO
Frame for china plates EASEL
Masters ACES
Peacekeeping grp. NATO
Emozione romantica AMORE
Wrongful act TORT
Originate (from) STEM
In knots TENSE
Hawkish PROWAR
Poe’s autograph, e.g. RARITY
Funnel-shaped flower AZALEA
Tot’s tote DOLL
Sphere of influence ORBIT
More cold and damp CLAMMIER
Resounded RANG
Export from Bolivian mines TINORE
Ladderlike SCALAR
Prefix for directional OMNI
Early #1 song for Elvis HOUNDDOG
Dog show no-show MONGREL
Fabric amts. YDS
What the FDIC insures ACCTS
Gandhi garments DHOTIS
”I knew it!” YES
Beltway Series team NATS
Brunch serving CREPE
Future groom FIANCE
Folks ONES
Person watching ONLOOKER
Traditionally messy place DORMROOM
Nightclub of the past DISCO
Novelist Rita __ Brown MAE
1 Across big name ELGRECO
Industrialists BARONS
All things considered ATTHAT
Westinghouse rival EDISON
Hopeless cases GONERS
Taiwan-born director ANGLEE
Toil, so to speak SWEAT
Top-shelf BEST
Spicy taste BITE
Implicate NAME
Excessively glib PAT

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