News Day December 23rd 2017 Crossword Clues

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News Day December 23rd 2017

Clue Solution
Off-kilter ODDBALL
Cleary kid-lit mischief maker RAMONA
”We keep meeting” YOUAGAIN
One working over pressure IRONER
Bay of Naples city SORRENTO
Adoptee, perhaps PETCAT
Zodiac depiction TWINS
Central Brussels ESSES
NFC West team ARI
Earth science measures EONS
Theban ruler in ”Oedipus Rex” CREON
Aggregates: Abbr. AMTS
Character-creation pastime, for short RPG
Mideast region, old-style ARABY
Fall that may sting SLEET
Boxer’s ”Watch it!” SNARL
It means ”on the ground” ATERRE
Prelims of a sort QUALIFYINGEXAMS
Opposite of ”calm” UNREST
Best Actress Oscar role just before Loretta NORMA
”Beloved” name AIMEE
Gets nowhere IDLES
Remedy for split ends HEM
Penetrate, with ”in” SOAK
One of a select group INNIE
Revise for the better HONE
It’s seen in much verbal communication ING
Cable __ MODEM
Certain cub PANDA
Don’t plan WINGIT
Ends, as objections SILENCES
Great Smoky Mountains wildflower AZALEA
French novelist admired by Zola STENDHAL
Some drone activities RECONS
Stimulative SENSORY
Metaphorical object of exploitation OYSTER
Music that inspired the Beach Boys DOOWOP
Some time in DURING
Where many take stock BARNS
Particular periods AGES
Data-sharing acronym LAN
Authorized? LITERARY
Come to fruition RIPEN
Conquest conspirator in ”Wonder Woman” (2017) ARES
Sharp saw MOT
Being seen, in a way ONCAMERA
Coming up soon NEARTERM
Possible fatigue from a wine tasting NOSEBLINDNESS
Much of GO Veggie! ”Swiss” SOY
__ beer CRAFT
Smart Assistant speaker ALEXA
Seasoning in Vietnamese soup ANISE
Asparagus, essentially STEMS
Well-groomed SLEEK
Correspond AGREE
Undeclared America-France conflict of 1798-1800 QUASIWAR
Prepare for bargaining, perhaps UNIONIZE
French brandy variety ARMAGNAC
”As much as you like” NOLIMITS
Designation of two US senators IND
Word from the Japanese for ”group leader” HONCHO
”Presents . . . __ absents”: Charles Lamb ENDEAR
Grossly inadequate MEASLY
Grains IOTAS
Bolger and Lahr, in ”The Wizard of Oz” HANDS
Deportment MIEN
Ben Franklin founded it PENN
Radiance, in brand names GLO
Director appearing in ”Mandela in America” LEE

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