News Day September 14th 2017 Crossword Clues

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News Day September 14th 2017

Clue Solution
Protection from the sun HATS
Edible seedpods PEAS
Brownish gray TAUPE
Wildly AMOK
Bill of Rights defender, for short ACLU
Physicist Mach ERNST
PlayStation developer SONY
Chesapeake delicacy CRAB
Brownish photo tone SEPIA
Gold, to investors PRECIOUSMETAL
Coupe cousin SEDAN
Nefarious ILL
Prefix for lateral UNI
Sales revenue stat PROFITMARGIN
Cellphone function, for short CAM
Oklahoma city ENID
Brunch selection BAGEL
Nose wrinkler, perhaps ODOR
Metric prefix DECA
Doesn’t stay put ROVES
Patron saint of Norway OLAF
Grass cover, at times DEW
Non-bank loan funds PRIVATEMONEY
Visualize SEE
Cargo measure TON
Tailless hoppers TOADS
Where IPOs take place PRIMARYMARKET
Pacific Rim peninsula KOREA
Handsome: Fr. BEAU
Soaring toy KITE
Curt refusal IWONT
Indy 500’s 200 LAPS
Discussion point ITEM
Conical shelter TEPEE
Other than that ELSE
Cornfield count EARS
Lid fasteners HASPS
Italian affection AMORE
Firmly fit TONED
Airport aide SKYCAP
Fashion designer Rabanne PACO
Brown shade ECRU
Quaint lament ALAS
Offer for approval SUBMIT
Evaluation station TESTLAB
Purview AREA
Tire inflation stat. PSI
Flight fig. ETA
Memo opener INRE
Street near Maple, often ELM
Family member NIECE
Family member INLAW
No longer apart ONE
Ticklish situation FIX
Quirky phrase IDIOM
Cool, in the ’90s RAD
Troop group CORPS
More than like ADORE
Hollywood collectible MOVIEPROP
Speed (up) REV
__-mo SLO
Camel color TAN
Oversupply SATIATE
Greek diner staple FETA
Running thief of rhyme TOM
Make possible ENABLE
Terrier term YORKIE
Kyoto canine AKITA
Keep from happening DETER
Keeps from happening STEMS
Philosopher Descartes RENE
True-to-life REAL
Goes on and on and on YAPS
Artistic inspiration MUSE
Traveler’s sewing supply KIT
Get billed OWE

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