Thomas Joseph December 26th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Thomas Joseph December 26th 2017

Clue Solution
Like Superman CAPED
Not feral TAMED
Unaided ALONE
Yucca’s kin AGAVE
Dangerous situations TINDERBOXES
Pig’s place STY
Buddy PAL
Quill need INK
Ruby or garnet JEWEL
Yam or potato TUBER
Stories TALES
Lake near Buffalo ERIE
Ripped TORE
Contest form ENTRY
Horse’s cousin ZEBRA
Up to now SOFAR
Spots on TV ADS
Poorly lit DIM
Phone download APP
Feline owners’ purchases LITTERBOXES
Some messages EMAIL
Wastes time IDLES
Harvest goddess CERES
Skilled ADEPT
Felines CATS
Stepped down ALIT
Race runner PONY
Football position END
More profound DEEPER
Laptop’s kin TABLET
Before today AGO
Long dress MAXI
Tied up EVEN
Cubicle fixture DESK
Unrefined RAW
After a while LATER
Golf prop TEE
Coffee dispenser URN
Drill part BIT
High hit LOB
Screw up ERR
Isle surrounder SEA
Alpine calls YODELS
Malawi neighbor ZAMBIA
Fragrant tree FIR
Baldwin of TV ALEC
Thin coin DIME
Headliner STAR
Car bar AXLE
Small sound PEEP
"Hey, you!" PSST
Father’s Day gift TIE
Eccentric ODD

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