Universal August 1st 2017 Crossword Clues

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Universal August 1st 2017

Clue Solution
Old traveler’s check? MAP
Bustle or fuss ADO
John of pop ELTON
Hearty dish cooked in water STEW
They’re smaller than minis MICROS
Big feature for the vain EGO
The whole time ALLALONG
Lunchtime, often NOON
British conservative TORY
Social breakdown ANOMIE
Art stands EASELS
Nevada city RENO
Like psychedelic music TRIPPY
Guy in a pub CHAP
There’s no place like it HOME
Common sci-fi figures ETS
The five in this crossword (including this one) POSTS
Not against FOR
Thwarts FOILS
Little Bighorn general CUSTER
Circle piece ARC
Gifts bestowed LARGESSE
Houdini and some desperate cons ESCAPERS
Hotel offering ROOM
Pig cuisine SLOP
Expire DIE
Jai alai or its ball PELOTA
Unit of gene activity OPERON
Group of seven SEPTET
Concealed via sleight of hand PALMED
The Three Stooges, e.g. TRIO
One-on-one knowledge recipient TUTEE
Unsolved, as a crime case OPEN
Flight school final event SOLO
Weigh-station deduction TRET
Soldier material? TIN
Wire measure MIL
One place to be buried "at" SEA
Medieval clubs MACES
Implied MEANT
West or Jemison MAE
Grown-up ADULT
Digs of ice IGLOO
Santa ___ winds ANA
Something a commercial printer might suggest POSTERCOLOR
Negatives NOS
Type of plant or failure POWER
"Glad I could help you out!" ANYTIME
Uppercut target CHIN
"Silent Night," for one NOEL
One mode of transport RAIL
Mason’s trough HOD
They sort your stuff before you get it POSTOFFICES
Exxon rival, once AMOCO
Neighbor with prying eyes SNOOP
Attentive reading PERUSAL
Hard-to-please grumblers GRIPERS
Fancy violin, briefly STRAD
Disinfectant brand LYSOL
Turtledove’s sound COO
Foil’s kin EPEE
Bike part GEAR
Pack down TAMP
Powdery lichen LEPROSE
Suddenly beamed LITUP
Food crumb ORT
Spiritless examinations? POSTMORTEMS
Foot digit TOE
Borden’s cow ELSIE
Uncanny EERIE
Social creature in a colony ANT
"With ___ in sight" NOEND
No-gas car brand TESLA

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