Universal December 1st 2017 Crossword Clues

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Universal December 1st 2017

Clue Solution
"___ in Toyland" BABES
Oxford college ORIEL
One way to comply WILLINGLY
Pitcher Maglie SAL
Large ecosystems BIOMES
Ecstatic way to walk ONAIR
Arrow relative DART
Word with "rear" or "tight" ENDS
Mermaid’s "pool" SEA
Causing the creeps EERIE
Threw in ADDED
Trueheart of the comics TESS
Monte’s chaser CARLO
Knocks on the head BOPS
After-wash car activity WAXJOB
Spa treatment PEEL
Spanish liqueur ANIS
Ball-on-a-rope missiles BOLAS
Friend in war ALLY
Go out, as a tide EBB
Machine shop punch DIE
Medicinal tablet PILL
Old engineering tool SLIDERULE
Freddie’s gory street ELM
Curvy road shape ESS
Rationality SANITY
Radar dot BLIP
Likewise, in a footnote IDEM
Seed covers ARILS
Like a phoenix from the ashes ARISEN
Chicken piece WING
Filch quickly SWIPE
Claw of a condor TALON
Place to lounge PATIO
Send, as to a specialist REFER
Killed, in gangster slang OFFED
All tucked in ABED
TV manufacturer SONY
Art on arms, informally TATS
Type of feeling GUT
"Go, team, go!" RAH
Present toppers BOWS
Foretells BODES
Fast no more EAT
"Nessun dorma!" for one ARIA
Too silly INANE
Relinquish control CEDE
Whitney Houston won many BILLBOARDAWARDS
Slippery sea creature EEL
Zodiac ram ARIES
Indoor shoe SLIPPER
Like wheels in unison AXLED
Noted loch NESS
"Cotton Eyed Joe" instrument BANJO
Every knife has one EDGE
Salk conquered it POLIO
Poker call SEE
Lament from a debtor? BILLSBILLSBILLS
Old Turkish title BEY
Quell, as fears ALLAY
Hits the low beams DIMS
Blue-dye plants ANILS
Dropped jaws AWED
"77 Sunset ___" STRIP
A first in Spanish PRIMERO
Anticipate AWAIT
Undesirable spot STAIN
Third person in a ring REF
Fairytale trio sporting beards BILLYGOATSGRUFF
Large body of poetry EPOS
De-knot laces UNTIE
Sheltered from the wind ALEE
Place for a dragon DEN
Actress Cicely TYSON
Cow group HERD

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