Universal December 23rd 2017 Crossword Clues

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Universal December 23rd 2017

Clue Solution
Possesses HAS
Defunct NBA rival ABA
Horrible negotiator PUSHOVER
"I don’t believe it!" PSHAW
Certain evergreens YEWS
Virgil’s birthplace MANTUA
Abet’s partner AID
Sweet-talker SMOOTHIE
Hanging on by a thread? SEWN
Gaelic language ERSE
Absentee NOSHOW
Cleveland resident OHIOAN
Foot segment INCH
Nighttime noise-maker SNORER
Easy feat SNAP
Tennis zero LOVE
Trippy drug LSD
Bikini part BRA
Silence in the symphony REST
More wealthy RICHER
Nice hunk of marble SLAB
Stat for a reliever ERA
Arranged or settled DISPOSED
Stays longer than OUTLASTS
Use your fingers FEEL
Get ragged FRAY
Life story, in brief BIO
Dry up in the heat WITHER
Changed direction abruptly SLEWED
End of a rugby game NOSIDE
"Scat!" relative SHOO
Flu variety ASIAN
Young salamanders EFTS
Weight you pay nothing for TARE
"Do ___ others as…" UNTO
Crone HAG
Golf prop TEE
"The ___ of the Deal" ART
Contented HAPPY
En ___ (all together) MASSE
"Straight away" NOW
One doing sight seeing? AIMER
"Here’s a new clue!" OHO
Fresh breeze permitters SASHWINDOWS
Knight’s title SIR
Start to "got a clue" HASNT
Single-issue magazine ONESHOT
Not fast SLOW
Type of following CULT
Ham’s dad NOAH
Thanksgiving mo. NOV
Breakfast potatoes HASHBROWNS
Reports or maintains AVERS
Way more desperate DIRER
Endangered PERILED
Lesser Antilles native CARIB
Better aligned TRUER
Sink relatives of old WASHBASINS
Common beverage TEA
Doing nothing IDLE
Piglet’s friend POOH
Supporter ALLY
In that direction, archaically THERETO
Man called the March King SOUSA
Chop branches HEW
Stella McCartney, for one FASHIONISTA
Prior, old-style ERE
Escalator feature TREAD
Idaho product, informally TATER
Crimson RED
Marsh plant SEDGE
Beginning stages ONSET

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