Universal December 26th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Universal December 26th 2017

Clue Solution
Expectorate SPIT
Collette or Morrison TONI
Certain farm residents ANTS
Chills ICES
Old TV show, now RERUN
Feminine pronoun SHE
Morsel for a horse OAT
Atom centers NUCLEI
___ gin fizz (drink) SLOE
Subscription stoppage LAPSE
Nebraska city OMAHA
Citations FINES
Clandestine meeting TRYST
Prefix meaning "new" NEO
Merry month MAY
Immense VAST
Green shade AVOCADO
An IOU implies it DEBT
Norway capital OSLO
Luxury bath facilities SPAS
"North" and "east" endings ERNS
Bird of peace DOVE
Squeeze (out), as a living EKE
Menial worker of old SERF
MPH part PER
___ go bragh ERIN
Running contest RACE
Turkish military leaders AGAS
Dispatched SENT
Warning sign OMEN
Buck feature ANTLER
Curved ARCED
First prime minister of India NEHRU
Astronaut John GLENN
Exists LIVES
Flair for music EAR
Common Mkt. EEC
Lewis Carroll creature SNARK
Not even one NONE
Prayer-ending word AMEN
Horse neck hair MANE
___ Roberts University ORAL
Throw the dice ROLL
Work unit ERG
As well TOO
Escalator relative STAIR
Male offspring SONS
Artist’s workplace, often LOFT
Explorer de Leon PONCE
Schlep HAUL
Mideast big shot (var.) AMIR
Something to sneeze at? TISSUE
Dog restrainers LEASHES
Bright stars NOVAE
Leavening agent YEAST
Medicine amount DOSE
Fanatical AVID
Joltin’ joe? ESPRESSO
"Fidelio" and "Otello" OPERAS
Thorough insurance BLANKETCOVERAGE
Salad maker or pitcher TOSSER
"___ Gods" (Gaiman novel) AMERICAN
Dye out? FADE
Avian abode NEST
Acute or obtuse ANGLE
Canonical hour NONES
Old Plymouth model RELIANT
Make beloved ENAMOR
Rally Sport, the muscle car CHEVROLETCAMARO
Bird in Jules Verne? ERNE
Adopted boy of Claudius NERO
Kidney-related RENAL
Presses for payment DUNS
Word in a logical phrase ERGO
Toll, as a large bell KNELL

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