Universal July 30th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Universal July 30th 2017

Clue Solution
Floating airship BLIMP
Tripoli’s nation LIBYA
Low pH substances ACIDS
Annoy chronically BESET
Small restaurant BISTRO
Italian wine region ASTI
Cry of woe ALAS
Conveyed or transmitted SENT
Didn’t hit MISSED
Biscotti flavoring ANISE
Belgrade natives, once YUGOSLAVS
Vigor’s partner VIM
Traveler’s guess ETA
Group of nine NONET
Hayes or Stern ISAAC
Singer Clay AIKEN
Garden intruder WEED
Heat unit THERM
Creepy EERIE
Groom excessively PREEN
Cherokee or Apache TRIBE
Have a nice meal EAT
Certain sib SIS
Take or steal GLOM
Valentine’s Day symbol HEART
Artist’s stand EASEL
Hang around LOITER
Phone bugger TAPPER
Make joyful ELATE
Roof type GABLE
Social peer EQUAL
Gold, chemically AURUM
Some social misfits NERDS
"No ___ Traffic" THRU
Flowery luau loops LEIS
Ultimatum word ELSE
Country lass GAL
Historical time period ERA
Be a tell-all BLAB
Sheepish sounds BAAS
Iffy contraction? MAYVE
Head infestation LICE
Wight or Man ISLE
Indigenous Canadian INUIT
Medium-sized wading bird IBIS
Comedic Laurel STAN
18th Greek letter SIGMA
Spit take (Beginning) MYDENTISTISSO
Church leader PASTOR
Teeter-totter SEESAW
Reporter’s item NOTEPAD
Deceive LIE
You, once THEE
Zeus’ wife HERA
"For heaven’s ___!" SAKE
Spit take (Middle) GREATHERECEIVED
Santa makes one yearly LIST
Great Lake ERIE
Relative of an .org ASSN
___-Wan Kenobi OBI
Cries of sorrow LAMENTS
Shower participant METEOR
Sea between Greece and Turkey AEGEAN
Spit take (Ending) ALITTLEPLAQUE
Insinuate GETAT
Assistance HELP
Raymond or Aaron BURR
Jagged mountain crest ARETE
Get up RISE
Give kudos to LAUD
Stevedore at work LADER
Person on a PC USER
Slippery or winged trees ELMS

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