Universal November 19th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Universal November 19th 2017

Clue Solution
Acknowledge applause BOW
Pull a Pinocchio LIE
Every ALL
Was running behind? TRAILED
Michelangelo work DAVID
Not "fer" AGIN
___ Cruces LAS
Twilight times EVENINGS
Pleasing to the ear MELLIFLUOUS
Scottish language ERSE
Dry gully or streambed WADI
Draws out EDUCTS
Expired DEAD
___-Town (Illinois city nickname) CHI
Private INWARD
African corn MEALIE
People sharing common beliefs FELLOWSHIPS
Strongly opposed LOATH
Partridge Family actress DEY
Malay sailing vessels PROAS
Touch or stroke lovingly FONDLE
Historic English county SUSSEX
Like potato chips CRISP
Some friendly store employees GREETERS
Physique BOD
Strip, once UNROBE
Keep tabs on MONITOR
Skater Midori ITO
Infamous fiddler NERO
Jazz variety BEBOP
How not to take a shower CLAD
Flight-related prefix AERO
A certain chorister ALTO
Italian volcano ETNA
"Well, ___-di-dah!" LAH
Baseball legend Mel OTT
Gym pad MAT
Person bugging you? SPY
Phenomenal party BLAST
Carnegie or Earnhardt DALE
Cat sound MEW
Fuel vessel OILER
Tequila plant AGAVE
Studied period ERA
Informed and then some WELLADVISED
Drug some were Leary of? LSD
Protest for a pacifist LIEIN
Cell centers NUCLEI
World finance org. IMF
Little fellow LAD
Chinese fruit (var.) LICHI
Required NEEDED
Like corduroy WALED
Rugged cliffs CRAGS
Actor Diamond Phillips LOU
Friend ALLY
Small caves, briefly GROTS
Covers at a cookout? BUNS
Recent Olympics site RIO
Bathsheba’s first husband URIAH
Various emotional states MOODS
Innocence DEWINESS
Botanical lump NODULE
Throat illness STREP
Michael Jackson’s rat BEN
Kinsey’s field SEX
Collusion or partnership CAHOOT
Eagle’s nest AERIE
Floral garland LEI
’70s pants BELLBOTTOMS
Dada artist Jean ARP
Like draft beers ONTAP
Permissible things DOS
Store SHOP
Very shabby RATTY

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