Universal September 10th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Universal September 10th 2017

Clue Solution
Eye network CBS
Mary Retton’s middle name LOU
Dadaist Jean ARP
Sewing tools NEEDLES
Yellow pigments OCHRES
Like properly constructed chimneys FLUED
Flees, old-school LAMS
Medical org. AMA
Muscular quality TONE
Imitation ERSATZ
Ludicrously, wonderfully odd FANTASTICAL
Plants used in cosmetics ALOES
Wilkes-___ BARRE
Sports car event (var.) RALLYE
Red and Dead, for two SEAS
Dramatic outpouring SPATE
Like some musical keys MINOR
Excessive, as a gala EXTRAVAGANT
Breads with pockets PITAS
Tender cut of meat LOIN
Buridan’s beast ASS
Ethiopian currency BIRR
Urban "Y’all" YOUSE
False utterance LIE
Shared by two or more parties MUTUAL
Just average SOSO
In an impoverished fashion NEEDILY
Supreme Court Justice Clarence ___ THOMAS
Francis or Dahl ARLENE
Emulate a parasailer GLIDE
Nasal openings NARES
Group of secret plotters CABAL
Place for a shirt tag NAPE
Rig on the highway SEMI
Big name in male dolls KEN
Peeper EYE
"I do," for one VOW
Naval rank ENS
Extended family CLAN
In recent times OFLATE
The ___ Four FAB
Snoozefest BORE
Uproar or ruckus CLAMOR
Mode introduction? ALA
Many comic book characters SUPERHUMANS
Here-there connector NOR
Takes a chance DARES
Type of lily or egg EASTER
Detected, as trouble SMELLED
Poke fun at TEASE
Screen dots PIXELS
Tollbooth areas PLAZAS
Impatient ANTSY
Brief life histories BIOS
Eyelid woe STYE
Rocky ridge TOR
Superior attitude ELITISM
It’s all charged up ION
Notable times, historically ERAS
Persia, once IRAN
Full-length, as a movie UNCUT
Democracy participants VOTERS
Relaxing ATEASE
Grind one’s teeth GNASH
More sadistic CRUELER
Blue setting for Shields, once LAGOON
Dish with lots of greenery SALAD
Nest egg vehicle, for short IRA
Wolf pup’s shelter DEN
Sasquatch, supposedly APEMAN
Large French city LYON
Great ending? EST
Showing signs of dementia SENILE
Some evergreens YEWS

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