Universal September 12th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Universal September 12th 2017

Clue Solution
Upbeat, in music ARSIS
Glisten SHINE
Tool for a cross-checker HOCKEYSTICK
Confidences SECRETS
Not amateur PRO
Resinous secretion LAC
Inquires ASKS
Cheerleaders’ repertoire YELLS
Cheer syllable RAH
Handle and operate USE
___ Aviv TEL
Architectural wing ELL
Immeasurable time EONS
Historical period ERA
Lead in a film STAR
Stitch maker SEWER
Addition symbol PLUS
Camper’s handy tool POCKETKNIFE
Messages with attachments EMAIL
Feisty and easy to anger TESTY
Put back to zero RESET
Beaded counting machines ABACI
Wrestler Hulk HOGAN
Uncle with many stories REMUS
Click the fingers SNAP
Like toast WARM
Any male protagonist GOODGUY
Religious officials PRIESTS
Old portico STOA
Make a wrong guess, e.g. ERR
Parsley unit SPRIG
Valuable type of duck EIDER
View again RESEE
Author Ferber EDNA
Male on a farm RAM
"___ on a Grecian Urn" ODE
Big-time spy grp. CIA
Barbie’s friend KEN
Common shade tree ELM
Wedding page word NEE
Volcano output ASH
Spread one’s fingers SPLAY
Lout or yahoo BRUTE
Greek letter RHO
Delete ERASE
Prop for an artist EASEL
Attack word SIC
Small, light, flimsy boat COCKLESHELL
Roller at the printer’s INKER
Gambling "machine" SLOT
Forward-looking woman? SEERESS
Small excerpt SNIPPET
Noisy talk YATTER
Biblical dancer SALOME
Sigh sounds AHS
Wood cutter SAWER
Director George LUCAS
Web crawlers, e.g. BOTS
Mend a split in one’s britches RESEW
Theatrical sketch SKIT
Getting older AGING
Plot a city over REMAP
Ron who played Tarzan ELY
Chocolate bean bearers CACAOS
Castle enclosure TURRET
Calligraphers’ containers INKPOTS
One smiling in a self-satisfied way SMIRKER
Pot or smack DOPE
"Sesame Street" denizen ERNIE
Planted areas that require little watering ROCKGARDENS
Requirements for beer purchases IDS
"Until tomorrow!" in Paris ADIEU
Marina locale, often INLET
Professional’s charge FEE
"A Prayer for Owen ___" MEANY
Fun complement GAMES
Center of preferences? ERE

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