Universal September 13th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Universal September 13th 2017

Clue Solution
Do for a month or two? PERM
Met highlight ARIA
Elegant hotel name RITZ
How far some are in controversy KNEEDEEP
More meager SPARER
Setting for Hawkeye’s show KOREA
Trojan War epic ILIAD
Squeezed (by) EKED
Disrespectful talk SASS
Price in a store RETAIL
Accessorize ADORN
Was a creeper? SNUCK
Trails PATHS
Bikini part BRA
St. Louis highlight ARCH
Attachment to "mount" or "chute" PARA
Encourage with an elbow PROD
Mother of Horus ISIS
Legendary actress Ruby DEE
Big heads EGOS
Admiral’s rear AFT
Land measure ACRE
Bosses in "The Godfather" DONS
"… love, honor and ___" OBEY
Pilotless aircraft DRONE
It’s crude but valuable OIL
Discouraged DETERRED
Fireplace tools POKERS
More crusted, as dried mud CAKIER
"___ only as directed" USE
Following AFTER
"… Mr. Tambourine Man, ___ song for me" PLAYA
Gathered up leaves RAKED
___ noir (wine) PINOT
Old poetic form EPODE
A science class, briefly CHEM
Fast but lazy creature in a fable HARE
Valley known for wine production NAPA
Always EVER
Onion relative LEEK
Urban greenspace PARK
Heavens above SKIES
Rough file RASP
___ go bragh!" ERIN
Beer barrel dance POLKA
Poet St. Vincent Millay EDNA
Customary ceremony RITE
Early April sign ARIES
Hype up TOUT
Three corny things MAZEBREADSTARCH
Great fear DREAD
Places for skates and curlers RINKS
Object of worship IDOL
Very uncommon RARE
Art supporter EASEL
"Much ___ About Nothing" ADO
Four corny things CROPDOGFIELDCOB
Owned HAD
Mob scenes RIOTS
Marine eagle ERNE
Sens. and Reps. POLS
Too precious or sweet CUTESY
Chef’s garment APRON
"___ porridge hot" PEASE
Three corny things FLAKECHIPKERNEL
Receive TAKE
Vietnamese capital HANOI
Excellent review RAVE
Admirer at a distance EYER
Eat away gradually ERODE
Olympic sword EPEE
X-ray dosage units RADS
Not light DARK

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