Universal September 14th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Universal September 14th 2017

Clue Solution
Common lunch meat HAM
Give off EMIT
Skin irritation RASH
"Animal House" character OTTER
Depressing DISMAL
Staying power LONGEVITY
Child care worker, in India AMAH
Ski run PISTE
Didn’t leave STAYED
Wise know-it-all GURU
Susan on "All My Children," once ERICA
Doesn’t have LACKS
Splash haphazardly SLOSH
Newsworthy twos ITEMS
Strict Athenian lawgiver DRACO
"Back to the Future" villain BIFF
Type of historian or hygiene ORAL
Willow twig for wickerwork OSIER
Baffin and Chesapeake BAYS
Tuck away, as luggage STOW
Army sea creatures? OCTOPUSES
Match with PAIR
Beast like Shrek OGRE
Require NEED
Goodbye in Montreal ADIEU
Necessary VITAL
Art that’s only skin deep TATTOO
Weasel type ERMINE
Hand parts PALMS
Weaponized sub of WWII UBOAT
Lost, in Lyon PERDU
Traffic jam, e.g. TIEUP
Leg bone TIBIA
Yemeni port ADEN
Fleet FAST
Brings home after taxes NETS
Stylish, in ’60s London MOD
Infamous biblical king HEROD
Salon globs GELS
Stradivari’s teacher AMATI
Skip past OMIT
Eurasian range URAL
Light, watery sprays MISTS
Mission control org. NASA
Puerto ___ RICO
"Powerful" 1992 film THEMIGHTYDUCKS
Going price RATE
Conclusion for "puppet" or "profit" EER
___ Wednesday (religious observance) ASH
Front of a ship BOW
Prefix meaning "to the left" LEVO
Slight amount of goop DAB
Eye part IRIS
Thick paste of Japanese cooking MISO
Menu fowl, sometimes CAPON
"Incredible" sci-fi film of 1966 FANTASTICVOYAGE
Noah conquered it FLOOD
Himalayan cryptid YETI
King Arthur’s address SIRE
Humor WIT
Memorization method ROTE
Cardinal’s color? RED
Young dog PUP
Tuck in EAT
"Very pretty" film of 2001 ABEAUTIFULMIND
British noble LORD
Coffee alternatives TEAS
Steel girder IBEAM
Crafted MADE
River in North Yorkshire OUSE
It can be explosive NITRO
Knock for a loop STUN
Makes a choice OPTS
Made less difficult EASED

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