Universal September 5th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Universal September 5th 2017

Clue Solution
Cinderella’s horses, once MICE
Short remarks of disgust UGHS
Thin incision SLIT
Former NYC mayor Ed KOCH
Oxen joiners YOKES
Deep craving YEN
Word with "black" or "photo" OPS
Oscar winner Wiest DIANNE
Spotty facial problem ACNE
Lion-colored TAWNY
Wanted-poster datum ALIAS
Book’s right-hand page RECTO
Ghostlike ASHEN
Palindromic conjunction ERE
Period DOT
After-shower sprinkle TALC
Without SANS
Stage item PROP
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Naked NUDE
Inappropriate backtalk SASS
Words with "mode" or "king" ALA
Hotel necessities BEDS
Acrobat’s precaution NET
Opera highlight ARIA
Active one DOER
"Where" starter ELSE
Prefix with "data" or "physical" META
Cogent SANE
Impoverished and then some HARDUP
Did a firefighter’s job HOSED
Lack of societal moral standards ANOMY
Bubbles at sea SPUME
Nicknames for fathers PAPAS
Relaxing place SPA
Genetic stuff RNA
Provides money for BACKS
Terminates ENDS
Terrier variety SKYE
Some body fluids SERA
Nutmeg coat ARIL
Finds a purpose for USES
Accountant, briefly CPA
Dream-sleep acronym REM
Like some colognes MUSKY
Wise "Star Wars" character YODA
"Gone With the Wind" estate TARA
Nome home IGLOO
Huge in scale EPIC
Potent pub quaffs ALES
Quick meal to grab at a deli CHICKENSANDWICH
Bible book before Job ESTHER
___ Hall University SETON
Mike who boxed TYSON
Twirl SPIN
High or low cards ACES
Capable of being debated ARGUABLE
Old-fashioned garland ANADEM
Common potluck dinner NOODLECASSEROLE
Slather on, as jam SPREAD
Most inclement, as weather NASTIEST
Leg part SHIN
Word with "code" AREA
Hinged fasteners HASPS
Like the taste of vinegar ACERB
Theoretically ONPAPER
Bahamas vacation mecca NASSAU
Meal that might involve crumbling SOUPANDCRACKERS
Jane Austen classic EMMA
Chump or sap DUPE
Hit for Mr. Mister KYRIE
Coloring agents DYES
A lot of it is filtered SPAM
Things "of approval" SEALS

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