Universal September 9th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Universal September 9th 2017

Clue Solution
Deception SHAM
"Brief" carryall CASE
Falling out RIFT
Definitely not nigh AFAR
Plaster of ___ PARIS
More, in Mexico MAS
In the past AGO
Belief in one causal principle MONISM
Matures AGES
In any way ATALL
Veranda, in Pearl City LANAI
Liquid measurements PINTS
Fruits of the blackthorn SLOES
Make a move ACT
Cygnet’s father COB
Dash or panache ELAN
Hypothetical cure-all PANACEA
Opposite of wax WANE
Soon, in old poetry ANON
Be the lead performer in a film STAR
Type of round, flat bread PITA
Ready and qualified ABLE
Simple joke GAG
Computer operator USER
Ideal ending? ISM
Mineral formed from silica OPAL
European defense grp. NATO
Slathered frosting all over ICED
Give over to, as land CEDE
Exasperates IRKS
Shakes, as the police EVADES
Chew out SCOLD
Shinto temple gateway TORII
Strong passion ARDOR
Sports commentator Musburger BRENT
Knight’s title of respect SIR
Psychology topic EGO
Fizzy beverages SODAS
Pound of flesh DEBT
Dish cooked in a pot STEW
Present, as a question POSE
"Geraint and ___" ENID
Accumulated knowledge LORE
Plane patrollers FAA
"Pardon ___ dust" OUR
Worthless metal SCRAP
Country matriarch MAMA
European mountains ALPS
Israeli port HAIFA
Full of excitement AGOG
Dog feature TAIL
To negative travelers, expansive views are … ASFARASONECANNO
Type of measurement "system" METRIC
Cut off from all others ISOLATE
Stairway parts STEPS
Extreme happiness BLISS
Bee’s relative WASP
Monk of Tibet LAMA
Neighbor of a Barbadian ANTIGUAN
What Jaime Sommers was BIONIC
Super slow, negative travelers … NOATASNAILSPACE
Burned to ashes CREMATED
Smell horrifically REEK
The "mother" of deposits LODE
Guesstimates STABS
Alternatives to flowerpots VASES
Matador’s milieu CORRIDA
The Bible’s truth GOSPEL
The hungry, negative travelers … ORDEREDFOODTONO
Pride member LION
Bridges of Hollywood BEAU
Race of Norse gods AESIR
Russian ruler, once TSAR
Stockholm native SWEDE

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