Usa Today August 16th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Usa Today August 16th 2017

Clue Solution
"Let me add . . ." ALSO
Naan or challah BREAD
What Atlantis did, presumably SANK
"Any day now . . ." SOON
Guy, informally FELLA
Large section of a Risk board ASIA
Punch in the mouth, slangily KNUCKLESANDWICH
Suitor’s song SERENADE
Out of the sack RISEN
"Independence Day" baddies, briefly ETS
Don’t leave to chance PLAN
Movie publicity shots, e.g. STILLS
"The King and I" land SIAM
Hangout for Andy Capp PUB
Put a cap on LIMIT
Head honcho TOPBANANA
Proton’s place ATOM
Brings into balance TRUES
Pulls the plug on ENDS
Highly regarded stocks BLUECHIPS
Fashionista’s magazine VOGUE
Stage designer’s creation SET
Trimmed with Chantilly, say LACY
Ran under a faucet RINSED
$1,000-a-plate dinner, maybe FETE
Election map hue RED
Principal port of Iraq BASRA
Avoid answering SIDESTEP
Markers stored in browsers INTERNETCOOKIES
Make an afghan KNIT
Ended a 56-Down AWOKE
Societal woes ILLS
Dachshund’s droopers EARS
Great Fire of London diarist Samuel PEPYS
Bug bomb victim PEST
Issues an invitation to ASKS
Like Tonto’s masked friend LONE
Like SweeTarts SOUR
How often opportunity knocks ONCE
Notes in F major scales BFLATS
Vibrating parts of a harmonica REEDS
Choice word ELSE
Eggs ___ Suisse ALA
Quarterback great Marino DAN
Greeted at the door SAWIN
Flea market caveat ASIS
"___ guys finish last" NICE
Madeline of "Blazing Saddles" KAHN
Prepared to pray KNELT
"Game of Thrones" genre DRAMA
They’re calling in "Danny Boy" PIPES
Rooms with Bunsen burners LABS
Servings of ribs SLABS
Netflix selection TITLE
Folder’s words IMOUT
Mojito fruit LIME
Like a heavy fog SOUPY
Feelings of guilt or hunger PANGS
Not warranted UNDUE
"___ on a true story" BASED
Split second TRICE
Two-sport great "___" Deion Sanders NEON
"What’s ___ supposed to mean?" THAT
Not at all cloudy CLEAR
YouTube selection VIDEO
Changes the decor of REDOES
Acts the worrywart FRETS
Stand-up comic Gervais RICKY
Motocross vehicle BIKE
Fashion editor Wintour ANNA
Cake mix direction STIR
Place to get on or off STOP
Problem with a scratched LP SKIP
Shower wall piece TILE
Wrigglers in reefs EELS
Furtive summons PSST
A few Z’s NAP
Source of much mutton EWE

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