Usa Today December 26th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Usa Today December 26th 2017

Clue Solution
Poorly made CHEAP
Provide a fake alibi for, say ABET
Backdrop for many ski chalets ALPS
Set of doctrines DOGMA
Talk like a lunatic RAVE
Feature of a tied shoelace LOOP
Become inedible SPOIL
Replaceable joint KNEE
Interior decorator’s creation DESIGNSCHEME
Eloped, e.g. WED
Part of a royal flush TEN
Like a speaker after a filibuster, perhaps HOARSE
Travel like Amelia Earhart AVIATE
Edinburgh native SCOT
Place to grow fresh herbs, perhaps GARDENPLOT
___ Valley (site of the Reagan library) SIMI
Barely defeats EDGES
Jiffy Lube supply OIL
___’ Cajuns (Louisiana athletes) RAGIN
Paula of the Food Network DEEN
"Donkey Kong" or "Pac-Man" ARCADEGAME
Upturned-thumb Facebook button LIKE
Alternative to "Yours truly" ASEVER
Golf pencil’s lack, often ERASER
MoMA part ART
Ballpark fig. EST
Wimbledon implement TENNISRACKET
French twist or chignon UPDO
"Don’t come any closer!" HALT
Sans-serif typeface ARIAL
Visitor to a salt lick DEER
Seller of Vurm wine racks IKEA
"___ you asked . . ." SINCE
"What ___ is new?" ELSE
Muscles above abs PECS
Farm team couplers YOKES
Fixed-term investments, for short CDS
Dance for bobby soxers HOP
Cause of a swelled head EGO
Surrounded by AMID
Boards with thumbholes PALETTES
Alan of "Argo" ARKIN
Big ___ theory BANG
Not at all bumpy EVEN
First stroke TEESHOT
Wahine’s welcome ALOHA
One in a tryst LOVER
Contents of many greeting cards POEMS
"Shop till you drop" outing SPREE
In the public eye SEEN
No-frills sleeper COT
Carried on, as war WAGED
Give the slip to EVADE
Solemn song DIRGE
Arabian peninsula port ADEN
Hook’s opposite, in golf SLICE
Mixer with rum COLA
Chorizo sausage meat PORK
Herb in many stuffings SAGE
Brush-off to a solicitor IGAVE
Performers in invisible boxes MIMES
Like the noble gases INERT
"Have no fear" RESTEASY
Zeppelin, e.g. AIRSHIP
Like some chocolate DARK
Gift at a Honolulu Airport greeting LEI
Musical piece whose name means "study" ETUDE
Fight off REPEL
Machu Picchu’s range ANDES
Annoyance from a bunkmate SNORE
Stand in for ACTAS
Tool in a golf bunker RAKE
Baldwin of "It’s Complicated" ALEC
Destiny’s Child, for much of their career TRIO
Shirt-pocket stainer INK
Tennis or golf coup ACE
"___ Miz" LES

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