Usa Today September 10th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Usa Today September 10th 2017

Clue Solution
Brutish sort BEAST
Sticker on a perfect paper, maybe STAR
Checker Motors made them CABS
One in a cattle call ACTOR
Bat Masterson’s weapon CANE
Cookie in some ice cream OREO
Asian poachers’ prizes RHINOHORNS
Lumber source MILL
One in the "terrible twos," maybe TOT
Blows away WOWS
Steamed Mexican munchie TAMALE
Cheerleaders’ routine YELL
Sentence shorteners PAROLES
Coax with flattery CAJOLE
Seth of "Steve Jobs" ROGEN
Is a good dog OBEYS
Boom attachment MIKE
Diana of "The Avengers" RIGG
Transfer-related move, for short RELO
Snagged at a rodeo ROPED
Pre-Fall biblical setting EDEN
Some building annexes ELLS
Partner of anon EVER
Loesser’s "most happy" guy FELLA
Creator of Sawyer and Finn TWAIN
Hardly boastful MODEST
Mounted on ASTRIDE
T’s on fraternity houses TAUS
Spot for a yacht MARINA
Cry "Fore!" to, say WARN
NL or AL team, on scoreboards CHI
Arabian Peninsula port ADEN
Auto parts that work with shoes or pads BRAKEDRUMS
Go caroling SING
Lincoln Center seating area LOGE
Apply, as barbecue spice RUBON
Lionel train buys SETS
Still-life vessel EWER
Baking or brewing need YEAST
Starr who starred in Super Bowl I BART
Tunnel effect ECHO
Working tirelessly ATIT
Many an executor SON
Bricklayers’ tools TROWELS
Look from a young George Foreman SCOWL
Sea dogs TARS
"King Kong" heroine Darrow ANN
Enacted again, as a Civil War battle RESTAGED
Marsh grasses COMMONREEDS
Typeface similar to Helvetica ARIAL
Starr of the Wild West BELLE
Cobblers’ supplies SOLES
One of the front nine HOLE
Old TV’s "You ___ There" ARE
Parts of "walk the dog" toys YOYOSTRINGS
Game with a Las Vegas World Series POKER
Set of required courses CORE
Tasman for whom Tasmania is named ABEL
Become cohesive JELL
Become ready to pick RIPEN
Date night option MOVIE
Like some gossip or rumors IDLE
Hair-care items GELS
Pest in a swarm GNAT
Unencrypted, say READABLE
Where iron is cast FOUNDRY
Take the gold WIN
Filly, in time MARE
Pile up AMASS
___ Hawkins Day SADIE
E.C. Bentley’s sleuth TRENT
Greedy sort TAKER
Word with living or minimum WAGE
Guantanamo’s locale CUBA
Groups with copays, for short HMOS
Gershwin’s "___ It a Pity?" ISNT
Compete in a regatta ROW
Wish undone RUE

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