Usa Today September 12th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Usa Today September 12th 2017

Clue Solution
Speed-of-sound word MACH
Equestrian’s handful REIN
Kind of wetland FEN
Common hairdo at Woodstock AFRO
Mar-a-Lago, e.g. ESTATE
Sign after Cancer LEO
Suit with numerous claimants CLASSACTION
Eye, to a bard ORB
Traveled like Huck Finn and Jim RAFTED
It may be flipped LID
Crude commodity OIL
Beer festival mo. OCT
Craps table pair DICE
Cruel Simon of fiction LEGREE
Name in fine china LENOX
Gunslinging pal of Holliday EARP
Control tower device RADAR
Society page newbie DEB
Executive’s "hats" ROLES
Problems for the vain EGOS
Part of a soft hand, in blackjack ACE
Stream’s locale, in poetry VALE
Seek underground water DOWSE
Cadillac Escalade, e.g. SUV
Spirit in "Aladdin" GENIE
Dozes, with "off" NODS
Colorful ducks TEALS
"Kissing" relative COUSIN
Reese’s "Legally Blonde" role ELLE
Strongly accented, in music (Abbr.) SFZ
Pundit Coulter ANN
A domesticated insect BEE
___ Walnuts ("The Sopranos" gangster) PAULIE
Not even so-so BAD
Cakes used in tiramisu LADYFINGERS
Twist the facts LIE
Inventor from Menlo Park EDISON
"Judge not, ___ ye be judged" LEST
Show poor judgment ERR
Hamburg’s river ELBE
Wee, informally ITTY
Camera lens for close-ups MACRO
Insurance company with a "spokesduck" AFLAC
Macrame or basketweaving CRAFT
Party thrower HOST
Enter, as data READIN
Key to the left of F1 ESC
Cousin of Gomez Addams ITT
Emery board target NAIL
Architect’s scale drawing FLOORPLAN
Like ghost stories EERIE
Of high social status NOBLE
Upholstery fabric TOILE
Win the love of ENDEAR
Beginning-of-Passover meal SEDER
Musical conclusions CODAS
Carry out, as a mission EXECUTE
Orange spots GROVES
Dogie snaggers LASSOS
Devil’s color RED
In days of yore AGO
Where to see kangaroos, informally DOWNUNDER
Oblique cut, as on a mirror’s edge BEVEL
"The Whiffenpoof Song" collegian ELI
Word in a cross-referenced clue SEE
Like morels, vis-a-vis toadstools EDIBLE
Gather gradually GLEAN
Sam who said "never concede a putt" SNEAD
___ skiing (Olympics sport) ALPINE
Walking ___ (euphoric) ONAIR
Cause of slick roads SLEET
Word that may precede the initial parts of 17- and 62-Across and 9- and 33-Down FIRST
Made with Tabasco sauce, say ZESTY
Adams, Sedgwick or Brickell EDIE
Unattractive-sounding tangelo variety UGLI
Letters on pricey handbags YSL
Watch chain or pocket FOB

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