Wall Street December 26th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Wall Street December 26th 2017

Clue Solution
"Mad Men" star Jon HAMM
Facing the pitcher ATBAT
Green Jedi master YODA
Notion IDEA
Kangaroo carrier POUCH
Grand-scale movie EPIC
Decisively defeated DOWNFORTHECOUNT
Parcels (out) DOLES
Name shared by 11 pharaohs RAMSES
Growl aggressively SNARL
Capitol Building capper DOME
Be of one mind AGREE
Abhors HATES
Attila, for one HUN
Officially disallows BANS
Plow pullers MULES
Transportation to the red carpet LIMO
Boxing great ALI
Hefty books TOMES
Molded ice cream dessert BOMBE
"Phew, what fortuitous intervention!" SAVEDBYTHEBELL
Hieroglyphics bird IBIS
Diminish by degrees ERODE
Speck on the map ISLET
Couturier Christian DIOR
Like some kitchens EATIN
Burrowing mammal MOLE
Tipplers SOTS
Subway map indications STOPS
Connector for oxen YOKE
Took cover HID
Fuss ADO
Kitten’s cry MEW
Official orders MANDATES
Rocky foe ___ Creed APOLLO
Ripped TORE
"No ifs, ands or ___" BUTS
Exclamation from an Austrian ACH
Bad thing for a boxer to be on THEROPES
Naval petty officers YEOMEN
Musical composition OPUS
Enjoy a banquet DINE
"Hamlet" has five ACTS
Strong suit FORTE
"The Stranger" author CAMUS
Erich and George SEGALS
Aslan’s kingdom NARNIA
Rummy cake BABA
Texting tools THUMBS
U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki HALEY
Sounded the hour CHIMED
Unpresuming HUMBLE
Christmas, in Cannes NOEL
Old psychosurgical procedure LOBOTOMY
Quarterback Tim TEBOW
Floppy top BERET
Baseball cap features VISORS
Washington’s Mount St. ___ HELENS
Some old Fords LTDS
Birthplace of seven presidents OHIO
Moderate pace TROT
"Give ___ me straight" ITTO
Freighter or frigate SHIP
D.C. baseballer, for short NAT
Pursue romantically WOO
Caribou’s cousin ELK
Spike with a camera LEE

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