Wall Street September 11th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Wall Street September 11th 2017

Clue Solution
Cheese in a red coat EDAM
"Give me ___" ("Call me") ARING
Like bulls and boars MALE
Sumptuous LUXE
Mount Everest is on its northern border NEPAL
Jumbo-screen film format IMAX
*Basic emoji SMILEYFACE
Philosopher Descartes RENE
English town noted for its salts EPSOM
*The devil’s workshop, so they say IDLEHANDS
They’re outstanding DEBTS
Fiction’s counterpart FACT
Social environment MILIEU
Quantity of tourists or schoolchildren BUSLOAD
*Cirrus cloud component ICECRYSTAL
End for luncheon or kitchen ETTE
Stable oldster NAG
Eggs Benedict ingredient HAM
Soil breaker HOE
General Bradley OMAR
*Group of amateur rockers GARAGEBAND
In the family RELATED
Brings together UNITES
Fix sloppy sentences EDIT
Demonstrates flexibility BENDS
*Medulla oblongata’s place BRAINSTEM
Scarlett Butler’s maiden name OHARA
Company emblem LOGO
Guiding principles, and the ends of the starred answers WATCHWORDS
Up to the task ABLE
Bygone anesthetic ETHER
High point PEAK
Take note of HEED
Zaps, in a way TASES
Otherwise ELSE
Send a Dear John letter to, e.g. DUMP
Graph line AXIS
Pleasant to listen to MELODIC
No matter which ANY
Modernize, as a ship REFIT
Popular tablets IPADS
Chemist’s salt NACL
Canonization requirement MIRACLE
"Absolutely!" AMENTOTHAT
Touch down LAND
Old flames EXES
Mideast chieftain EMEER
Bears HAS
Broker’s advice BUY
Unimportant MINOR
Start of a Caesar boast ICAME
Astute attorney LEGALEAGLE
Home of the Crimson Tide, familiarly BAMA
Make reparation ATONE
There are 28 in a Monopoly set DEEDS
Atlantic catch SHAD
Gooey stuff TAR
Contacted the Coast Guard, in a way RADIOED
Is caught in a downpour, e.g. GETSWET
Colt creation GUN
Supply with financing ENDOW
Diagonal movers BISHOPS
Malleable metal TIN
Letters after alephs BETHS
Host at a roast EMCEE
Unexciting BLAH
Choir costume ROBE
"Toodle-oo!" TATA
Neighborhood AREA
Nutritional amts. RDAS
Sets the price at ASKS
Day divs. HRS

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