Wall Street September 12th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Wall Street September 12th 2017

Clue Solution
Flexible blackjack cards ACES
Bonkers LOCO
"C U L8R," e.g. TEXT
Extra charge ADDON
Way off AFAR
Lion’s place LAIR
Lion’s warnings ROARS
"McMillan & Wife" org. SFPD
Superhero whose power is putting together IKEA furniture? ASSEMBLYMAN
Furious feeling IRE
Parlor piece SETTEE
Miniature racer SLOTCAR
Pacifies CALMS
Spooky-sounding lake ERIE
Brandenburg Concertos composer BACH
Refrain syllables LALA
Frederic’s love in "The Pirates of Penzance" MABEL
Bachelor’s last words IDO
Latvia’s northern neighbor ESTONIA
Encouraging cheer OLE
Pesto herb BASIL
Abbr. on a business letter ATTN
Song for the masses HYMN
Hotel employee MAID
What tapping on the table might mean HITME
Some busts BRONZES
Sniggler’s activity EELING
Sleazy newspaper RAG
Superhero whose power is keeping ships from drifting? ANCHORWOMAN
Budget’s sister company AVIS
Modern Persian IRANI
___ facto IPSO
Gown designer Wang VERA
San ___ (Silicon Valley city) MATEO
Baseball feature SEAM
Single ONLY
Dirty campaign tactic SMEAR
Fanning of "The Beguiled" ELLE
Bearer of the heavens ATLAS
Live and breathe EXIST
Pre-race ritual STRETCH
Pressing needs? BARBELLS
Revered figure IDOL
Brisbane greeting GDAY
Baylor buildings DORMS
Reduced ONSALE
___ Cruces, New Mexico LAS
Superhero whose power is getting a Microsoft suite to run? OFFICEBOY
"It’s a Wonderful Life" director CAPRA
General delivery? ORDER
___ culpa MEA
Bellini opera NORMA
Alicante aunt TIA
___ Hari MATA
Laziness SLOTH
Red Lobster freebie BIB
Sooner State city ADA
Superhero whose power is mixing vodka cocktails? COSMOGIRL
Against ANTI
Wood that’s resistant to splitting ELM
"Dancing With the Stars" judge Goodman LEN
"My Fair Lady" lady ELIZA
Cabinet department that oversees the National Park Service INTERIOR
McShane of "American Gods" IAN
Household hints columnist HELOISE
Stonewashed pants DENIMS
Kitten comment MEW
Encouraging cheer BRAVO
Letter carrier in "Game of Thrones" RAVEN
"Get lost!" SCRAM
Like Bob Dylan’s singing NASAL
Oft-stolen garden figurine GNOME
More than dislike HATE
Top draft classification ONEA
"Here’s a thought…" SAY

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