Wall Street September 5th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Wall Street September 5th 2017

Clue Solution
Courage GUTS
Prayer ender AMEN
House, to Javier CASA
Workplace watchdog org. OSHA
Boggy areas MIRES
The yoke’s on them OXEN
Lusty look LEER
Pizzeria serving SLICE
Well-ordered NEAT
Pocketknives, humorously FROGSTICKERS
Out of the wind, nautically ALEE
Hot room at the spa SAUNA
Terrific time BLAST
Scott Turow book ONEL
Band booster AMP
___ concern (unimportant) OFNO
Wrote bad checks KITED
Vivacious style BRIO
Gun owners’ org. NRA
Reasonable SANE
Cold shower? SLEET
Identifiable DNA sequences GENETICMARKERS
Niels Bohr and Tycho Brahe, for two DANES
Principal MAIN
Powerful speakers SPELLBINDERS
Supermarket section DELI
Makes muddy ROILS
Join the regatta SAIL
On the edge of one’s seat AGOG
Unrestrained outing SPREE
Liner stop ISLE
Pillow fill DOWN
Places for plugs EARS
Obligation NEED
Course activity GOLF
Manipulative person USER
Kojak’s first name THEO
With 11-Down, area between the Azores and the Caribbean SARGASSO
Dutch beer brewer AMSTEL
Social environment MILIEU
Donald Trump’s second son ERIC
Bottle part NECK
State Department worker CONSUL
Dismiss ruthlessly AXE
See 4-Down SEA
Six-legged worker ANT
Circuit board setting SLOT
Cuba’s Castro RAUL
Not as remote NEARER
General assemblies? ARMIES
Butler at Wayne Manor ALFRED
Split base BANANA
Tribe symbol TOTEM
End for ethyl or methyl ENE
Catch sight of SPOT
Big Ben sound BONG
German emperors KAISERS
Corp. abbr. INC
Is inconspicuous BLENDSIN
Flight part STEP
Tattoo artist’s canvas SKIN
Lieutenant’s subordinate ENSIGN
Leisurely pedestrian AMBLER
Pot boosters RAISES
Bounding stride LOPE
Old Italian coin LIRA
Casualness EASE
Annoy RILE
"Citizen Kane" prop SLED
Psychology subject EGO
Burner setting LOW

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