Wall Street September 9th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Wall Street September 9th 2017

Clue Solution
Lummoxes OAFS
Sketch show that featured Rick Moranis and John Candy SCTV
Act of faith? LEAP
Some bow ties PASTA
"Let’s do it!" IMIN
Projecting bay window ORIEL
Gutter site EAVE
On many occasions OFTEN
Fitting brand for kids LEGO
Specialized vocabulary LINGO
"Just ___!" ASEC
Sycophant TOADY
*Golf ball striker CLUBFACE
*Magazine lead COVERSTORY
Green on JetBlue, perhaps AIRSICK
Filbert trees HAZELS
1998 Masters champ Mark OMEARA
Dundee denial NAE
Born as NEE
Bitty bits ATOMS
Participant in protein synthesis RNA
Asian Buddhist LAO
*Galaxy, e.g. SMARTPHONE
*Task for TSA agents BAGCHECK
Hardly commonplace RARE
Cleverness WITS
Neck of the woods AREA
Hebrew for "to the skies" ELAL
Some are inflated EGOS
Spellbound RAPT
Restless ANTSY
Feature of a violist’s sheet music ALTOCLEF
Attire for Mario and Luigi OVERALLS
Deli choice RYE
*Envelope inscription RETURNADDRESS
HBO rival SHO
Cagey answers EVASIONS
Broadcast TRANSMIT
Tell tale item ARROW
Take, as testimony HEAR
Essence GIST
Dairy department unit PINT
"Maude" creator LEAR
Exam for future U. students PSAT
*Good sport’s forte FAIRPLAY
*Wimbledon highlight TITLEMATCH
Points a finger at IDS
"Far out!" RAD
Chef’s topper TOQUE
Melber of MSNBC ARI
Where you might be kneaded SPA
Place for a lace EYELET
Charlatans FRAUDS
Wallaby predators DINGOES
*"And that’s that!" CASECLOSED
Simon & Garfunkel album, and a hint to what can precede and follow the halves of the starred answers BOOKENDS
Enlightened AWARE
Sentry’s shout HALT
Some jackets ETONS
Hypotenuse, e.g. SIDE
Pretend FEIGN
Lusty look OGLE
"No clue" DUNNO
Margarita rim garnish SALT
Doctrine TENET
Mir launcher USSR
Flamboyant accessories BOAS
Till bills ONES
Tin Man’s need OILCAN
Henry Fielding’s last novel AMELIA
Execute camels, e.g. FIGURESKATE
Hoity-toity types SNOBS
Comforting person SOLACER
Game in which each team has one or two innings CRICKET
Antler branch TINE
Chill VEG
"I want to be alone" LEAVEME
Art supporters EASELS
Claims AVERS
Bench presser’s pride PECS
View from Mount Vernon POTOMAC
Previously AFORE
Advice to soldiers on patrol STAYALERT
Movie character voiced by Seth MacFarlane TED
One or more ANY
Radar, e.g. LOCATOR
Semester tester FINAL
UV stopper OZONE
Grilling tool TONGS
Gag reflexes? HAHAS
Ascot events RACES
Hunky-dory AOKAY
Desert dangers RATTLERS
Knicks star Anthony, familiarly MELO
To a great degree PROFUSELY
Like Congress BIPARTITE
Leia’s love HAN
Number on a trophy YEAR
"Troublemaker" singer Murs OLLY
Hospital unit WARD
Move up the corporate ladder GETAHEAD
Great American Ball Park team REDS
Group in a shell CREW
___ about (around) ONOR
It may move you VAN
Exam for future attys. LSAT
Yemen capital RIAL
Must for D.C. visitors SMITHSONIAN
Bart’s bus driver OTTO
Blueprint detail, briefly SPEC
Role for Michael Caine and Jude Law ALFIE
Easily available READY
Create a ruckus RAISECAIN
Bruins legend ORR
Hurricane harbingers GALES
List of candidates SLATE
Arouse, as interest PIQUE
Like many motorcycle jackets STUDDED
Perform miserably STINK
Roll call response PRESENT
Old bank giveaway TOASTER
"Girl Gone Wild" singer MADONNA
Pieces for coloraturas ARIOSOS
Online troublemakers TROLLS
Balance sheet listing ASSETS
Egg size LARGE
United Nations Plaza display FLAGS
Painter’s base GESSO
Mao colleague CHOU
Activist singer from Dublin BONO
Back on the Bounty AFT
Minute WEE
Relaxing place TUB

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