Washington Post July 4th 2017 Crossword Clues

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Washington Post July 4th 2017

Clue Solution
Attaches adds
Renter’s rooms apartment
Keep retain
Buck stag
Trim pare
Upper limb arm
Mouth part roof
Took long steps strode
Statue base pedestal
Rent lease
Church leader elder
Plus asset
Tidy neat
Harvest reap
Musician ____ McEntire reba
Funnyman ____ Idle eric
Gun rights group (abbr.) nra
Flavorful tasty
Radio and newspapers e.g. media
Spy org. cia
Card game for one solitaire
Peacock’s pride tail
Fruit beverages ades
Pull apart separate
Printing measures ens
Dunks dips
Recipe abbr. tsps
Seesaw teeter
Novelist author
Frighten scare
Reef material coral
Showers rains
Fury rage
Klutz’s exclamation oops
Quick letter note
Cheerful glad
Building wings ells
Parting word bye
____ Knox fort
Masts spars
Urgent request plea
Dummy dope
Gypsy’s card tarot
Snaky fishes eels
Mild oath drat
Protective gear armor
Pops dads
Peculiar strange
Predict foresee
Neckwear tie
Sahara e.g. desert
Leftover piece remnant
Vegetarian’s taboo meat
Poet’s "before" ere
Small amount trace
Ziti e.g. pasta
Storage boxes bins
Out of the way aside
Heavy burden load
Performed acted
Contaminate taint
Perjure oneself lie
Sympathy pity
Attacks assails
Skin abrasion scrape
Place put
Less refined coarser
Visible to the audience onstage
Met solo aria
Forbidden taboo
Knoll hill
Rave’s partner rant
Cairo’s land egypt
Vocal oral
Differently else
____ Witherspoon of "Legally Blonde" reese
Nail polish shades reds
Not nearby afar

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